Chiles on the internet

You will find hereunder some web sites I found on the internet that are relative to Chiles family.

To my knowledge there are three kind of Chiles:

  • Those linving in UK and USA, which seems to be of the same family;
  • The french Chilès (with an accent) coming from several changes of name, the original name coming from the german "schilles" then changed into "chillès" (with two "l") and then "chilès". Recent family researches have prooved that the french Chilès and Chillès share the same ancestors in something like the 5th or 6th generation;
  • And then it seems that "Chiles" are quite common in latin america and maybe spain. I have no contact with Chiles from this area - despite my wife being peruvian! But maybe the internet can help us to link. Send me an email!