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Hi all!

I'm Pierre Chilès, from Paris, France.

I've just setup with the help of Google Apps in order to provide to all Chiles in the world a free email address with Gmail but with an - more fancy :-) So you'll get 2Go storage and all the services of Gmail - and all absolutely for free.

I'll provide an email address for free to the first 98 Chiles that will contact me! If we reach this limit I'll deal with Google to get more.

The idea is to create a community of Chiles worldwide, in order to share information between our families and maybe met in the real world. 

Google Apps will provide the tools to setup a little family web page and mail list services. 

I manage as well a personal web page there: - feel free to have a look but it needs some maintaining!

To contact me for an email address, just send me an email: pierre (arobase)